Görkem Çelikbilek was born in Ankara, 1989.

He is a freelance documentary photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey.

He first grabbed a camera at age seven, and never let go. At first, it started with photographing intimate moments of family members and friends, now his work consists of independent projects, backstage shoots and street photography.

He concentrates on emotion-states of people in the contexts of daily life, cultural heritage and politics.

After graduating college, Gorkem dedicated himself to understanding emotions more, that led him to become a motion-state and micro expression analyst and he merged his knowledge on emotions with his experience with sound frequencies. 

He is now running a project called inner workings, which dives in the aspect of one’s inner conflicts, resolutions and how they affect one’s life choices. This project began in Peru, and is still ongoing.


Installation : 

Preview of Subliminal Effects – Sonar 2017 Istanbul